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Major Props to whom ever put this tribute together. Wink You have truly pulled at my Heart Strings Frown and made me a bit of an emotional marshmellow...Hey I cant help it I'm Italian LOL...Silver Springs was the perfect song for this...Absolutely Lovely!
~* Rest In Peace NightBirds*~ rose
Lizzie Balboa-Davis
Enchanted Gypsy
Originally posted by Chi Chi:

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Okay, we have just fixed that pesky sound problem on the NOTS Legends tribute video that we played at this year's show.

And posted it on YouTube above.

If you didnt get to this year's show, you might want to watch it - it honors Legends of NOTS past including Art L'Hommedieu, Rags Raglin and Nickie Sixx.

I also have some links to other NOTS video on YouTube I will post them here shortly..