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Reply to "NOTS on YouTube"

Oh my... No Pressure here Wink this is only Daddy, Father of the House talking. Thank Heavens we all know the Ho Ho's are up to the challange SmileYou better be or Daddy may ship y'all off to Flower Mound Texas with Messie Bonnie*~... jester
Perish the thought...LOL...
I'm sure you will score a big home run as always. rose
Brightest Blessings*~
Lizzie Balboa-Davis
Enchanted Gypsy
Originally posted by daddy:
I just peed in my pants.
I watched the Ho Ho's YouTube videos again.
They are hysterical.

What the hell are they gonna do this year?
Every year they hit it further and further out of the ball park.

This year the stage is 3 times bigger than we've ever had before.

HO Ho's,
I'm throwing down the gauntlet!
All eyes are on YOU.
but hey, no pressure. Wink