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Reply to "Occupy Wall Street"

Join the OWS Maid Brigade for more anti-capitalist street theater!
As corporate powers externalize their costs, ordinary people are forced to clean up the mess. From oil spills to bank bailouts, corporate money-making schemes have us working as round-the-clock maids picking up after criminal profiteers…


On MAY DAY, we will take the streets in classic maid costumes—modified however we see fit—and spread the message that we are sick of cleaning up after capitalism and corporate privilege. Marching together, we will carry signs and laundry lines of clothing printed with relevant facts, creating a theatrical and content-rich image of insubordination.

As May 1st approaches, we will be collecting and modifying costumes, gathering clothing and information for our laundry lines, and meeting up as a group to make plans, learn thematic songs, and get to know each other.
Mon 4/23 6:00pm, Union Square Park (South side)
Tues 4/24 6:00pm, Prospect Park (Long Meadow near Grand Army Plaza)

If you are new to political demonstration, we can also connect you with standard direct action trainings that will give you all the knowledge you need to participate safely in mass actions in a way that works for you.
All bodies and genders welcome, we would love for you to come out with us on May Day!