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Reply to "Party Monster - Michael Alig"

No Daddy, it would be something like this:
World Of Wonder: $.5 million + % of profit
Macauley: $.5 million
Everything else: $1 million
The corporate octopus involved: $3 million + % of profit of film, 100% on lunchpails & other film- related merchandise.
And you would think that after $5 million came in that WOW would begin to go into percentage and see some more money, right? Wrong. The "break-even point" on a film like this could be as much as $10 million, after the corporate entity tacks on more nebulous charges and fees for rentals and distribution. Pretty amazing accounting, huh?

As far as budgets go, I remember that I was astounded when everyone was trumpeting about what a small budget Blair Witch Project had. It was something like $35-50 thousand. Or so they said. Daddy, you could have made that film on a budget of 35-50 CENTS. Let's just say it was no Easy Rider...
I guess we are in the wrong business.
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