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Reply to "Party Monster - Michael Alig"

club kids being youngsters ala nouveau, seemed to be as much of an of exploration in gender identity/preference, as social transmutations, and as I saw it, an alternative to traditional drag. I'm not all that convinced sexual preferences, although predominantly gay (98@100?), was always so absolute.

Gay, straight or whatever, one inevitably discovers strong subliminal attractions for persons outside their sphere of gender preference that otherwise may never have been known or acted upon were it not for some experimentation visa visa a transformation, new identity or plain old drug cocktail induced musical dance liberation. How's that for a mouthful? The soup at the time as I remember it, was pretty well mixed with new ingredients (combinations) constantly being added.
Ideally, preferences as designators of identity, shouldn't be necessary as it tends to draw us into the same social trap of us vs. them, black against white, muslim vs and I digress but do only straight recording artists get the contracts? I would hate to think Boy George, Simply Red, Ru Paul being the only

Great kudos for Walt Paper, still going strong, one of my favs.

Manson a big queer? If his fondness for big stuffed furry creatures is erotic in nature, that might qualify him for queerness depending on I guess if his preference is bears and not bunnies.

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