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Reply to "Party Monster - Michael Alig"

When does this movie open in New York? Or is it already open?

My ex-boyfriend out on the West Coast sent me this review of Party Monster earlier tonight:

we saw "party monster", by bailey and barbato tonite.
it was great - very colorful, humorous, entertaining and the acting was
macaulay culkin will blow you away.
he is charming and strange in the not-quite sympathetic role of manic
club-promoter/murderer michael alig.
seth green as alig-cohort james st. james is uncanny in his on-point
of a mannered, disco-twisted, prancing yet thoughtful shape-shifting queen
with rubber nose, fright-wig and glamour-length toenails.
green is brilliant - the best thing in the film.
the costumes are accurate and gorgeous.
culkin - often semi-nude and caked with glitter - is disturbingly beautiful
and naively erotic in jockstraps, platforms, football armor and oversized
both he and the tanned, understated chloe sevigny should emerge as major
(sex) symbols if this film is a hit.
marilyn manson stops the show as the messy, toothless tranny "christina", who
attepts to drive a tractor-trailer on acid and in 6 inch strappy sandals.
natasha lyonne is a scream as "brooke", a hideous, pierced, texan club-kid
mixing "drug salad".
don't be turned off by the "exploitation" quality of this film.
it's basically a true story - a cautionary tale about excess.
alig is revealed as incredibly inventive and engaging, but also heartless,
corrupt, decadent and damned to hell.
his anarchic "fabulousness" is documented, but his murderousness is never
fashion for days, sick laughs and perverse, exciting visuals -
- this movie rocks, y'all.

Now I'm really curious.