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Reply to "Party Monster - Michael Alig"

What I really mean to ask was it well done as a piece of film?

Okay, I have to drive to the office now. It is 7:29 in the morning now here in Germany. Roll Eyes

But later, I will give a detailled statement, why I love this movie, and what in my opinion is well done in this film.

But, consider, I live in Germany. Michael Alig was not international famous and popular. So almost nobody here knows about him or about his life and story. So, when we watch the movie, we don´t have a comparison to the "real" Michael Alig. The most of you have this comparison, because you live in NY.
So when we watch this movie, we fall in love with this funky, extraordinary charakters, celebrating so much fun and partys. Culkin and James St. James seem likebale and lovely.
For foreign people it seems more than a grotesque, a funny parody of experimental Independent-Cinema. You know, what I mean?

But I understand, you guys from NY don´t like this production, because you know the whole stroy of the real Micheal Alig and the real Angel. Frown
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