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Reply to "Party Monster - Michael Alig"

You are wise beyond your years, perfect answer.

I understand the Club Kid appeal. It's the glittery lure of the "alternative". I'm still dazzled by it. I even understand the dark appeal of murder. I mean, 2 years ago we did "A Very Jack The Ripper Christmas" as our annual Jackie 60 Christmas Paegent. I'm sure that if you actually knew Mary Kelly (as Hattie did) it wouldn't be so funny. But as Satori pointed out, Angel was a friend of mine. He was such a cute kid. Thinking of him chopped up in a bath tub makes me sick. OK? Picture a friend of yours like that and see how sympathetic you are to his or her murderer. Again, as Satori pointed out there were/are a lot of very creative scenes out there. "90's Club Kids" is just one.
Pick another.



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