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Reply to "Party Monster - Michael Alig"

As per the glamourization of murder, there is no doubt stories of murder and serial killing, etc. are very 'entertaining' but there are limits. E.g. Jack the Ripper -- I wanted to go walking around the area in London one afternoon, and went into a local Information kiosk. The woman would not tell me ANYTHING at all, no directions towards streets, etc. and only urged me to go on a guided tour (they are all at night.) She glared at me like I was a ghoul. I guess I was.

I found some things anyhow, based on my researches... My London friend later informed me that at one point there was so much touristic crap in Whitechapel -- the bar where some of the whores would hang out had been renamed "Jack the Ripper" or something -- that the city government of London put a stop to all of it. In other words, the public's lust for the dried blood of the legend was growing more and more blatant and vulgar. So now you walk around there and the original bar is back to its original name, The Three Bells, I believe, and there's no signage, no trace anywhere of the crimes. Which really is the best thing for all concerned.

Johanna Constantine and I one evening thought we would go on the tour. She was all dolled up in Victorian of course and I was in suitable black. When the tour gathered and we saw all the Nikes and puffy down jackets, we totally took a powder. I mean they should at least have a DRESS CODE for the tour!

The writing in the film was atrocious. There is so much blithering downtime in it.
But one scene I thought was good was when Michael Alig & Co. went 'on tour' to some club in Chicago, and they do a lederhosen Nazi theme. The song is "Money, Success, Fame, Glamour" by Felix Da Housecat (?) The bad taste is insurmountable and admittedly sick and funny.

Missy, if he had not decided to murder someone is such a cold-hearted manner, no-one would have any problems with the style.
Your POV proves the moral error imposed by the directors.
They aid you to fixate on the stylization, and make you forget the psychopathy.