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Reply to "Pete Burns -- Part 2"

Our friend Daniel (aka Unempty) somehow got a hold of week 1 and got it to us as avi files...

We watched the first episode last night... OMG. The images they flashed of Pete's lips after bad injections gave me nightmares.

They showed his lips oooozeing this yellow stuff from three holes and then some pictures from the side that looked like a duck exposed to radiation and a zombie virus...Next came a series of images showing how they had to go in to cut his upper lip and then sew it back together.

All of this was cut in with an interview set to Ms. Manson's "Tainted Love."
Anna, Michael's intro was HYSTERICAL. I've got to get you a copy just so you can see that. What was REALLY annoying about Michael was that he spent no less than 20 minutes walking through the screaming crowd waving and crying before he got into the house Smile

More as we watch!