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Reply to "pete burns"

Love that cover... The only one I like better is the "Lover Come Back To Me" UK 12" cover.

Zaz just transfered all his "Nighmares in Wax" stuff and all the DOA singles and the EP prior to "Sophisticated Boom Boom" onto CD this past weekend, so the early singles are fresh in my mind.

Their first single as DOA was "Flowers" a black and white closeup shot with him screaming (his old teeth showing) not very attractive.

There is a pic of the old band with Joey Musker, I think it's on the back of the "Misty Circles" 45, I'll have to scan it in an post it.

I've heard that about Pete, that he was pretty much doing what everyone else was doing, but claiming that he did it first... There was always that big debate on who wore huge oversized hats with dreads first, Boy, Pete or those chicks from Hayzee Fantazee