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Reply to "pete burns"

Ok... (hope i don't bore you with this one) but... long story... I was a precocious kid (wot moi shock!).. i used to go down to London and hang out in the fashionable clothes stores (the only thing you can do when you are 14.. I met this one bloke who worked in a store called PX (Steve Strange / Visage) who took me under his wing and was reeeally sweet to me - i was a stupid kid (still am!).. he introduced me to George (Boy) who worked in a clothes store The Foundry and had dreads and am amazing image and a hoot of a personality... i knew all of George and the Blitz kids images cos i was going down to London and then going back to Liverpool (our home town)and then I saw Pete getting money from his rich parents going to London and buying all of this stuff from these stores claiming that it was all of his ideas.. George was going to come up to Liverpool and visit me (he was on the cusp of Culture Club fame) and Pete and Lyn got wind of this and went ballistic and were physically threatening George if he came to Liverpool... for no reason other than folks would realize that Pete is not original... it was all so silly and of course I sided with George... so Pete hated me. Its VERY silly.... but they were very threatening...
Then Wayne Hussey (misson UK, original DOA)guitarist used to live with me and my mum and family in the Uk version of "The Project"(can you imagine, we had a riot all dressin up in that environment) and the things Pete did to Wayne were just out of order and negative and revengeful.
I think the original band and his original image was fantastic but they all got caught up in it all....
But I just get livid when folks admire him for originality and talent.... you know its that ole thing when someone is so rotten and they seem to do well and you just thing Jeez there are so many talented amazing people how come THEY made it big.
Steve Strange was an amazing talent for re-inventing himself (not particularly as a musician) but image wise and well was George...
zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz sorry this was a bit self indulgent
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