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Hey Smile

Hoping someone in the UK can help me out... I've just found out about a cover version of Nightmares in Wax's "Black Leather" by a band calling themselves "Nude"

It's on a CD put out by London's Ghetto
apparently a hot spot right now... appearances by all kinds of 80s legends.

Here's the track listing:

The Cock @ Ghetto - Volume 1 Tasty Tim

01.Black leather - Nude (Dead or Alive cover)
02.Electroclash anthem - Morplay
03.Useless - Tobell von cartier
04.It kills - W.I.T.
05.Perspex sex - Free form five
06.Supermodeling - Larry Tee
07.Church of the poison mind (2002 elektro mix)- Boy George
08.Don't you want me - Human League/Jade
09.Just what I needed - W.I.T.
10.Replicunt - Dirty Sanchez
11.Contraversy - Prance
12.Soccer practice - Johnny McGovern
13.Dead sexy - Nude
14.Do I look like a slut - Ave D
15.Unpretty/Electricity - OMD/TLC

I can't seem to find anywhere to buy this online. Any suggestions?

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