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Chi Chi,

We think he's going on 6 years old, we've had him for 5. We got him from a great, private no-kill shelter in Trenton, Ohio. We think he's got either Cairn or Norwich terrier in him.

He does like to play with other dogs, especially ones larger than himself. (He thinks he's much larger than he is.) He plays well, but sometimes gets a little possessive of toys.

We're in Park Slope, and we've got a VERY recent dog run that was put up near Old Stone House.

We haven't gone yet, since it has been so cold, and it's been a ghost town, but it looks o.k.

It is broken up into "All Dogs" and "Small Dogs" so that right away impressed us. The woman who had our apartment before us had a rescue Greyhound. She said that she had nothing but good experiences there.

We were leaving him @ the "Northside Pet Hotel" in our home town (it was really just a young couple a few block from us who used a good portion of their home for up to 6 dog guests on top of their own) They told us that Scooter was a bit "different" from almost all of the dogs they had visit. They pointed out to us that he's really independent and not 100% interested in what the other dogs or the people were doing. He was "always out looking for the next adventure, more like a cat."

Speaking of cats Poison Eve, we are ALSO cat people. We have one right now:

Ludwig & Pink Fun Fur

His name is Ludwig, we've had him for 12 years. Unfortunately we just lost his brother to cancer. Frown

Ludwig has adjusted to the move better than any of us, mostly because of this FANTASTIC spray our vet gave us called "Feliway." It is basically synthetic feline facial pheromones. We spray it on a blanket, or in the air, and he's totally zen in 10 minutes. Smile

He LOVES the new apartment, well mostly the big window ledges. Smile
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