Reply to "Pets in the City"

So it took 3 months, but I finally had my first run-in with an "impassioned" neighbor regarding Scooter.

So every morning we take our quick walk up and down 5th street... and I usually RUN by the house that has a very official yellow sign with a dog pooping and a big (/) "No" slash over it. Because believe me, I've heard stories. Smile

But this morning, I zoned out for a slit second. Big mistake.

Scooter decided he wanted to lift his leg on the corner of the railroad ties around the tree next to the street, near the sign. These ties create a box around the tree close to 2.5 feet tall. Scooter can pee no more than maybe 6 inches off the ground... Right then one of the residents of the row house came out and started on me right away:

"I guess that sign means nothing"
(pull Scooter harder)

Me trying to make light: "I'm sorry, I'm still teaching him how to read."

"Typical smart answer! Don't you think I hear that all the time."

Me: "No, really, I'm sorry, I thought your sign was asking people to clean up their dog's poop, which I always do. I'll make sure he doesn't pee on the ties."

Up until this point I was REALLY trying to be neighborly figuring we only live like 5 buildings apart...

"Look, it's all about the flowers not your dog."

Now I'm just confused, and not sure if she hates me or not.

It's been bothering me a lot of the day...and now I'm thinking it has a lot more to do with passive aggressiveness and not the flowers.