Reply to "Pets in the City"

Well, we had a really scary day yesterday and wanted to pass of warnings/learnings to other pet owners (esp renters)
It all started when they were doing renovations to the store below us about a month ago and apparently it displaced a bunch of mice who were living in the storeroom.
We only noticed because our cat Ludwig killed 3 mice in 2 days. We saw no signs of chewing anywhere, and found no droppings. So we didn't even complain to the landlord.
About a week and a half later we had the shady pseudo-super maintenance guy ask us if we had noticed a mouse problem. We said that our cat had killed three more than a week prior but we had no other issues since then.
He told us our downstairs neighbors were freaking out (they have two apparently less skilled cats) and wanted something done ASAP. They had tried to make multiple appointments with them but they weren't answering their phone or door.
We told them we ONLY wanted treatment if it was safe for our dog and cat. We asked several times what "treatment" involved.
So one afternoon when I just HAPPENED to be working from home (i.e. they made no appointment)the shady maintenance guy came up with the manager of the store who would have keyed in if I wasn't home (an entirely other issue we're dealing with)
He said "What kind of pets do you have?" I told him, and he proceeded to put bait throughout the entire apartment. The only room he didn't do was the bathroom...
They gave no instructions about what to do next and made no appointments to come to remove the poison. This was about 2 weeks ago.
Yesterday our dog Scooter pulled out a pack of what we know now was "Soft Bait" and started eating it. I washed out his mouth and rushed him to the vet clinic who referred us to an emergency clinic.

They had to induce vomiting and then give him activated charcoal... He then had to be monitored and released about 6 hours later. We now need to give him Vitamin K for a full month. It's costing hundreds of dollars. (that we're planning to get reimbursed by someone responsible for this.)

So here's the learning part...

NO POISON is safe for your pets. If they can reach it, it has a chance of killing them too.

Don't trust your landlord to choose an exterminator that cares about your pets. And don't trust the exterminator to tell you what to do after an incident. We got his number through our landlord and he had NO IDEA how to handle the situation. He had to call the poison control center on the packet of poison just as we would have. He also tried to tell us that the amount of poison our dog ate PROBABLY would be just fine. (????) So we should wait 2-3 days and see if our dog starts bleeding from his eyes/mouth/anus first?

Now that we've pulled it all out, how could they possibly have thought this was safe for pets:

Slightly excessive for a two bedroom apartment? by Satori (Zazoo & Satori), on Flickr

Slightly excessive for a two bedroom apartment? by Satori (Zazoo & Satori), on Flickr