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Reply to "Politically Incorrect VI"

Oh those republicans and their sexual antics!

Another GOP Closet Case Caught with Panties Down
Washington State Representative Richard Curtis, an anti-gay Republican, got more than he bargained for when he engaged hooker Cody Castagna, 26, when they met at the Hollywood Erotic Boutique in Spokane on October 26.
KXLY reported that after being seen seen wearing women's lingerie in the sex video store and having oral sex with another guy, Curtis agreed to meet Castagna for a $1,000 bareback tryst at the Davenport Tower where, police say, they engaged in anal sex before Curtis konked out.

Castagna is then alleged to have taken some cell phone pictures of the politician and stolen his wallet, later trying to extort him lest he be exposed to the public and his wife and kids. Castagna, who has a long criminal record, claims he was only holding the wallet to secure his fee.

After police nabbed Castagna's bag man in a sting, they went back with Curtis to his hotel room to collect evidence. The police report reads: "I asked Curtis what physical evidence would be in the hotel room which would link the suspect to the hotel room. Curtis pointed out a Propel fitness water bottle in the garbage, a condom wrapper in the garbage, and a used condom in the garbage. I photographed the room and items prior to their collection. I also collected the sheets and pillowcases from the bed.
"While I was collecting evidence I saw a plastic sack which contained a light grey length of nylon rope, a plastic doctor's stethoscope, and other items I could not immediately identify. Curtis told me they had nothing to do with the sex act and that the suspect had not handled them. Curtis said he did not want to show me those items in the sack."

Curtis tried out the "I am not gay" line with The Columbian newspaper on Monday. He later told police he was drugged and didn't remember anything that happened.