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Reply to "Proposition 8: Gay Marriage Ban"

I know, I know Bobby, this shouldn't be a surprise.
I just thought he'd wait until after he was actually in office to slap us in the face.

What a contrast to see "MILK" last night with footage of Ronald Reagan and Jimmy Carter publicly denouncing Prop 6... 30 years ago, and then we have Obama asking one of the biggest reasons Prop 8 passed, to speak for God for the entire nation.

If he did notice the Prop 8 protests, he didn't understand the feeling and meaning behind them, or just doesn't care.

The equivalent would have been for Ronald Reagan to remain silent during the Prop 6 vote, then years later invite Anita Bryant to speak at his inauguration under the guise of "inclusion."

You are right Lily, this does have MANY more insulting implications and I think that article NAILS them.

It's not just that Obama is allowing Rick Warren to define who God is for the entire Nation at that moment in time, he's also explicitly reinforcing the Evangelicals political power.

Honestly, this is a message to them, we're just eavesdropping.

You're not missing us quite yet Bobby, we'll be residents starting January. I'm sure it it won't take long for us to make it up to Ptown after that. Smile