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Reply to "Proposition 8: Gay Marriage Ban"

Originally posted by Lily of the Valley:
it's way beyond just the prop 8 thing.

Barack Obama has picked a truly despicable creature to usher in "change"

This is a "defining moment" as Obama likes to say over and over.

Unfortunately, at this moment he is redefining what could have been a magical
moment for our society, the inauguration of the first African American president with the
inclusion of a radical cleric who thinks of non believers, jews, gays and lesbians, and many others
as less than full citizens.

It's more and more upsetting the more I think about it.

I think Hitchens has it right
JAYNE COUNTY HERE. Exactly, Lily. Its not just a case of allowing people to have their own religious beliefs, these people are dangerous because they want to make their narrow minded twisted version of the Bible, LAW! They want to change AmeriKa into a Right Wing Christian Fascist Theocracy! It is WRONG for Obama to have this disgusting excuse for a human being deliver such an important prayer! An insult to us all who voted for him! He is pandering to those bigots who voted against him! SHAME!!! When you try to please everybody you only end up alienating everyone! I will not be watching his inaguration. It would only infuriate me more! My high hopes have been dashed! Rick Warren is no better than the KKK. Using God as an excuse to deney rights to Gay People just as the white supreamacists used the Bible as an excuse for SLAVERY!!! *Slaves submit to your masters.* Yep, that is in the Bible! I am so dissapointed that Obama is so small minded that he cannot see this important point! Or mayby he just dosn*t give a shit! Either that or he is just plain stupid! WON*T GET FOOLED AGAIN!!! x JAYNE COUNTY
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