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Reply to "Provincetown 2"

Good news to report, no fires in two weeks.
The arsonist has not been captured and no fresh
gossip to report, no one has a clue.

Last month, just before Halloween, was the
Fantasia Fair. The "longest running annual
event in the transgender world!" which began
here in 1975.
Had a ball at Fantasia Follies but the real show
is on the street during the day. Unsuspecting
tourists who have not an idea what is going on
are challenged to comprehend what they are seeing.
Occasionally a snicker, other times a loud "you go girl!",
the "tall ships", as they are affectionately
called, are the toast of the town for a week.
But many stay for two weeks. Coming from places like
"Henpecked, Kentucky", Ptown is the only place they would venture outside dressed. Ever.


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