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Reply to "Provincetown"

Fourth of July weekend..
big icky circuit muscle boys on tina
all the white trash families from all over the cape that only come to problemstown once a year to watch the fireworks and gape at fags
and really fierce transvarients from all over the globe.
Scotty The Blue Bunny and Brandon Olson and his partner in "GoGoReal" at The UU ( Both very good shows.)

* to Chi Chi and Daddy/ Merlin and I went to visit Gens and Merlin channels Gens who says to tell you to "Pay attention to the children around you, they are the friends you've known before."
And that Gens is about 10 yrs old now. And a beautiful boy. Merlin said he could almost "see" him

It was so beautiful and peaceful there the day we rode our bikes up there.

The breeze is so sweet tonight.
Missing you all.

roll eyes