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Reply to "Provincetown"

Well..its the start of the end of the season and ptown has been bustling lately. More circute bois than you can shake a dick at..drag queens and tourists and the new police dept out in full force.

What a season this has been. The weather has been/is beautiful and I want to stay here forever. I miss all my friends in NYC and I can't even imagine everything I am missing there.

So many ghosts here too. I have seen them everywhere. A tall ship's captain that stands stockstill on Commercial street with an unhappy look on his face as people rush past.
A haggard old fishermans wife hanging laundry on an invisable clothesline,
several small children in period clothing with a hoop and a stick running along Bradford.

And I swear I can hear singing late at night in the salt marsh.
I am ready to come home to NYC and see my beloved big apple.

Can anyone tell me what time it is?