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Reply to "Remembering Terence Sellers aka Mistress Angel Stern"

Terence left this Earth this past month, I am deeply saddened that she is now gone from it.  

When I met Terence she was a very serious, striking and commanding person so I was certainly intimidated, it was obvious I was dealing with an intellectual so I needed to be at my best behavior and my most attentive in her presence.
She was an accomplished writer, a luminary in the New York underground, and a maestra of an art I'd only read about; she could make the most debauched intellectual blush with words alone and she could discuss any esoteric philosophy, reference any french writer with complete aplomb, that was the Terence I met.

I will remember our walks through little alleys and hidden streets, we would talk about composers from baroque to classical, writers from the romantic to the degenerate. We traversed around Tompkins Square Park in a proper clockwise direction or sometimes in a counterclockwise fashion, all depending on which spell we were casting that evening, and we cursed many in our time together.

When I got to know Terence I was privileged, she was kind to me and what I saw was someone who was supportive, caring, and loving towards her adopted family; she shared many stories about those she lived with and those she came up with in the New York she knew so well.  There were so many amazing people, painters, photographers, writers, singers and performers in her life, she always spoke fondly of them. That was the Terence I knew.

- web angel




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