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In Loving Tribute To
Lt. Cmdr. Teresa Ellison

of the U.S.S. Northstar,
N.C.C.- 10462

Whenever something happens to one of our own, we feel sympathy. Rarely do we realize until they are no longer with us, just how much of an impact, a single being can have on our ives.......

Lieutenant Commander Teresa Ellison was a very special individual. She had a beautiful heart.

A very humble and proud New Yorker with lots of attitude. She was truly a Diva with a conscience.

Teresa was an outspoken advocate for the rights of Transgendered people, people with HIV/AIDS, as well as the Homeless.

Teresa was always a very direct and frank person. She always let people know exactly how she felt about anything. She treated everyone in the exact
same fashion, she wanted to be treated.

Whether it was on behalf of Housing Works or the AIDS Walk, Teresa was always able to stand up for herself as well as others. She demanded equal
treatment with justice and respect. She would never stand for anything less.

Teresa was born and raised as Theodore Ellison, a very religious family in New Jersey in 1971. Her family and friends in church affectionally called her "Teddy." She was a member of the gospel choir.

Even during these early days, "Teddy" knew deep down she was really a woman.

Much like the proverbial Spock, she felt very conflicted with both her inner and outer selves.

It was not until she left her family and moved into the city in 1995, did she begin to evolve into her true self.

All along in the midst of sickness and adversity, as Teresa struggled to reconcile with her religious yet unaccepting family, she remained deeply committed to her spirituality as well as her faith.

Indeed she became very active in her newly adopted church.

Teresa had a great sense of humor. With her razor sharp wit and tongue to match, she was seldom unprepared for the ultimate comeback. We all have multiple recollections of barely surviving her verbal photon torpedo volleys.

With sheer determination, she lived with honor and courage. Within the Community of the U.S.S. Northstar, Teresa absolutely thrived.

Very Recently, Teresa was very weak and oxygen deprived. Without concern for herself, she dutifully left the safe confines of her nursing home bed and jumped onto her motorized wheelchair. She endured a long bus ride and braved an even longer ferry ride from Staten Island in order to represent her interests at the AIDS Walk.

She championed her beliefs to the bitter end. Teresa truly believed in the beauty and concept of the IDIC. As proud as she was to be an advocate for the truly down trodden, she proved that there is hope in strength through diversity and unity.

In short Lt. Cmdr. Teresa Ellison embodied the true spirit and ideals of Star Trek and the U.S.S. Northstar.

We all have lost a very powerful advocate for community and social change, but we will work very diligently to keep her legacy alive.

She will be sorely missed.....

Hailing Frequencies Open From Our Earth

We Will Always Miss And Love You Teresa.......
Hsie-Hsie, Tsai- Tien,Wa Aye Nee Teresa........
Namaste Lal, Namaste, Namaste, Namaste My- Friend, We Salute The Divinity In
Vaya Con Dios Nuestra Hermana.........
Au Revoir Lieutenant Commandant...........
Sayonara Des, Ita Takimas TeresaSan...........
Spa-Cibo Teresa,Das Vadanya........................
Danke Teresa, Chus Leepschin.........................
Al Salaam Malakam Teresa..................................
Tresa, Ay Shay Penda Uhuru................................

From The Federation and Beyond

Peldor Joy Teresa, May You Always Walk With The-Prophets in the
Jo Lan Tru Teresa.
B'atath Stovo KOr,Q'opla!!!
Always Stand For Truth, Justice and the Star Trek Way.......
May The Force Be With You Always.......
Live Long And Prosper
In The Nexus Of Eternity......