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Reply to "San Francisco Part 2: I love that city!"

so saturday was one of those "only in san francisco" kinda days...
the herrera bros., jacob (aka dee jay pee play),
and i produced a float for san francisco's lovefest - a parade thru the city and a party in the GORGEOUS civic center here featuring GIANT sound systems and electronic music.
when we went to the producer's meeting on tuesday we realized we were the ONLY gay contingent.
and we didn't know what the hell we were doing.
we were kinda freaking out when we left that meeting til the fortune cookie i got at dinner afterwards told me: "something on 4 wheels will soon be a fun investment for you!"
then we knew we had to get 'er done.

i woke up at 6:30 on a cold wet saturday morning after dj'ing at a club til 2:00 the night before. i thought, "why? do i really have to do this??" but when our goth-y little float that could started rolling down the street and the sun broke thru the clouds it all turned around.
we never expected to have so much fun!

i almost peed when we rounded the corner into the civic center. then again when i realized that the 'mo's in charge of the event had given us the BEST spot on the plaza - directly opposite city hall, the side where the sun lasts the longest, front and center!!
and our music was eclectic and diverse and top notch. i was so proud of everyone!!

so... kudos us!! the homochic crew ROCKED it!!