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Reply to "San Francisco Part 2: I love that city!"

i've been dry lately.
i DO have another gig for SF MOMA
coming up next week at supperclub.
opening party for a fierce
artist/architect - Jurgen Mayer H.
was trying to get a demo together
but... we'll talk about that in private.

i have my eye on a little neighborhood gay bar
that's home to the imperial court
and a saturday night drag show.
it's right around the corner from
the CUTE new place we're moving into mar. 1.
i wanna do a night there.
also... have my sights on a sunday brunch spot.
(again... more in private.)

leo is swell.
just went thru a fever bug
that was going around.
still entertaining the idea
of coming back to nyc this spring/summer.
wanna support her in all she does
but, selfishly, want her here to collab with.
you guys have enough talent out there!!
i'll post her latest invite.
(almost forgot!)

wish you and the emp were still
coming out to visit regularly!!
i miss you!!!!!!!!