Reply to "Sex With Taxi Drivers part 2"

without starting a new topic or being accused of racial profiling this will fit in here.
saturday night in south hampton we stopped in at the 7-11. it's lovely really, 8 or 10 indian men rushing around working. i love it so.
when out from the back room comes a tall handsom man. he said hello and asked me if i wanted to go in the back room.
my friend and i thought he was offering me a job. we laughed and went on with our business.
sunday evening gordon stopped back in the 7-11 and he came running out from the back asking where i was and told gordon how much he liked me.
i was on my way back to ny as i had to work at the cock.
next weekend i'll have to stop in to see him.
i can't believe how forward he was, that's usually left in my hands.
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