Reply to "Sex With Taxi Drivers part 2"

Hello Suckwinder,
What a surprise it is to hear form you.
Are you Pushpindra's brother and cousin of Javid?
Did you grow up in Vishakhapatanma with Garbhodaksayi Visnu and Arjuna? If this is truely who you are, then it must be me they are talking about.
The other drivers here in New York tell me they compare notes while they wait for fairs at he airports.
I'm happy they remember for one and repeat their conquests. History should be passed on to the next generation, so you can give out my phone number if they are humpy.
I remember the Bhuni hui chinni ka halava you made for me and how delish it was. Then you poured Ghee all over my naked body in the hot Indian sun. I wish we were there now.
Call me dal.