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Reply to "SJ's European Tour 2007"

Damn Pickles!
You better watch your back when you get home.
There are a lot of VERY jealous DJs here!

Amsterdam: Great city! The last time we were there The Empress went out for "coffee" and was gone for three days. What is it about the "coffee" there Pickles?
Starbucks has a lot to learn from the Amsterdam Coffee Houses.

Barcelona: "The Metro"? Is that the place where you pee on a glass wall and everyone watches you from the other side?
(Or was that just me drunk peeing on some poor person's window)
And tell Jason to be careful on that scaffolding!

Paris: I agree... Right Bank. That's my girl.
As far as the big fat bears, I also have trouble with all you skinny little tooth pick bitches.
I can relate to Baby Daddy.
Well, now that I go to Bear Parties.

Madrid: Love it! The people are fab.

Lisbon: I've never been to Lisbon. I can't wait to grill you on her.

Tell Baby Daddy I know some hot new Bear parties when he gets back.

Baby Daddy


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