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Reply to "SJ's European Tour 2007"

i'm a picklehead!!
(kinda like a deadhead but for dj pickles.)
here's what i remember:

ghostbusters, r. parker, jr. ->
holiday, belzy ->
crazy right now, beyonce ->
screwed, p. hilton (dj a.m. remix) ->
club tropicana, wham! ->
vibeology, p. abdul ->
sexy back/toxic mashup ->
then a bunch more crap before...
is that all there is, p. lee

boy was i ready to party after that!!!!

honestly, i AM a picklehead.
i've learned SO MUCH from my sister.
and been DRIPPED in fierce music.
all the best gigs i've had... thanks to her.
i owe her ALOT!!
(i'll nurse you through your old age, hon.)