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Reply to "SJ's European Tour 2007"

Oh Pickles, that was rich!
A press conference?
I never had a press conference with old people!

OK, now I get it.
So that's why you got chopped in Naples.
Pay it no mind.
DJ politics in Europe can be FIERCE! (as you know)
One time I got chopped down to a 15 minute set.
The Empress and I were thrilled and just partied the night away.
Resident DJs there find it VERY hard to give up one minute of their precious DJ time.
In Europe (as you know Pickles but I'm filling in the readers) DJs play sets. Usually 2 or 3 hours. They rarely play the 14 hour marathons that we do in New York. There might be 5 DJs all fighting for dominance with their (usually pre-programed) sets.
And they get VERY jealous of other DJs.
And DJs in Naples...
I can't even imagine!
You're lucky you made it out of there in one piece.

My very good friend Nick Scotti was born in Naples.