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Reply to "Straight To Hell (Sex Stories)"

I nabbed this from "Lucky Bitches" It's from Goblin.

hey gays!!

i'm fresh off short mt. where i had (i think) my best time there EVER!! keep reading and you'll understand why...

so, instead of putting these lil' tales in "it happened last night" or something, i thought i'd open up a frank, honest discussion of the young boyz who have made our lives so sweet. praise them! adore them! ABUSE them!!! (as long as it's consensual.)

i had second thoughts about posting such a "brag." but my third thoughts said GO FOR IT! and so did sammy jo. and besides, i'm as amazed by it as i am proud of it. if i could bottle whatever it is i'm putting out there i could make a million. (mebbe thru an advertisement in freshmen mag.)

let the tales begin...

the first one was ameh.
18, half costa rican, absolutely GORGEOUS.
met him at the oregon country fair, then saw him again at burning man.
he walked up to me and started chattin' me up with a twinkle in his eyes.
asked me how old i was...
"wow! that's old!"
"it is not!! how old are you??"
(i crossed my fingers) "20???"
"ha ha! no. i'm 18.," he casts a look my way and then says, "just legal."
"oh REALLY??"
so he became my burning hot burning man boyfriend (you shoulda seen us tear it up on the dancefloor) and i saw him a coupla more times around san fran and santa cruz. the sex was incredible (i LOVED watchin' his eyes roll back in ecstacy) and he liked it to last for hours.

at the mountain i got to see rayn. he and i have had an ongoing long distance romance for over a year now.
it's been about that long since i had seen him and we had never - how do you say? - consummated our relationship. he's a cute, lil' 20 yr. old southern twink. super sweet. and so we took care of some unfinished business.

then there was wally. another 20 yr. old. 6'4", hair dyed into a yellow and green spiral, pretty cute. he lives at ida - a neighboring community that booze-wah used to call home.
he ended up being a great lay but not really anyone i wanted to talk to very much. and with so many others around i didn't want to get caught up in him. so i let that one slide.

but the hottest was shadow. oh shadow.
i had met him in s.f. he was a straight street kid that got taken in by my friend antler. they became sorta boyfriends even though he's still more into girls. well, antler had told me that he didn't find many boyz attractive.
so antler asked him, "well then, what boyz DO you find attractive?"
he answered, "texxx." (that's MY name in certain circles.)
with that in mind our flirtation got more and more intense but he was antler's boy and there was never an opportunity for anything, y'know?!
he dropped by my apt. unannounced the day before i was leaving. (hmmmm...) i told him to talk antler into bringing him to the gathering.
well, lo and behold, one night i'm
sitting at dinner and i get called over to another
table and who should be sitting there but antler and shadow. i was happy.
i spent ALOT of time on the drums this time around and that night was no different. shadow came out to the fire and before long had his shirt off - his body is SLAMMIN'!!! - and had EVERYONE'S attention.
(did i tell you he's an incredible poet, didj player, and breakdancer????)
we made eye contact across the fire and he started
dancing over towards me. he planted himself right in front of my drum and started WORKING me with belly dance moves. rollin' his tummy, shakin' his ass, droppin' to his knees and then rolling all the way down on his back and back up again...
the faeries were SCREAMING and CHEERING the both of us on.
i was totally hypnotized but i never missed a beat.
it was epic.

a day or so later he asked me to paint his face. so i did - blacked out eyes and white lines and dots, full on tribal style. we headed off together from there to sit on the couch in the main cabin.
before too long the tents in our trousers sent us running back to my tent in the woods.
it was Magic.
watching this BURNING HOT naked tribal boy do his thang. i was thanking the goddess throughout and plan to offer some gifts on my altar (maybe some mcnuggets?) once i get settled here in houston.

we spent most of the rest of my days there together. finishing up in a hot three-way on my last morning with rayn.

ahh, short mt., tennessee.
where the goods are odd and the odds are good.

so who wants to cum down in the spring????
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