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Reply to "Straight To Hell (Sex Stories)"

being back at my dad's house for the start of STH is just TOO perfect. AND the current news stories to boot... let's begin.

when my dad remarried (the first time) i got a new stepmother and two stepbrothers. l****, the older of the two, was a year younger than me and lived at my dad's house with his mom. and it was his bedroom - the bottom bunk to be exact - that i would stay in on my "bi"-weekly visits to that house. (every other weekend, natch.)

we were at a very curious age. and even before our parents married we were learning together the joys of masturbation and the excitement of ejaculation. it was all so new!!

neither of us considered ourselves gay so we approached it through "truth or dare" - always including both of us daring the other at some point to "suck my dick." this relationship went on for YEARS - me, between 14-17; him, 13-16. we would jerk off together, jerk each other off, watch each other jerk off, suck each other's dicks... but NO kissing and NO anal anything. (i remember one time i almost came just laying naked next to each other.) and we would do it over and over again each night that we were together. and our parents were asleep on the other side of the wall. we did it in hotels on family trips, in the boathouse at our lakehouse, in a guestroom at my grandmother's...

i just this week found out that i was the first in a string. he and his school friends were playing the same kinda games when he would go spend the night out. (that little boy whore!!)

what i wouldn't give for one more night with him. especially now when i think of him in his new job... (can you handle this???)

George W.'s personal assistant!!!!
as in, the smithers to his mr. burns.
as in, when laura calls her husband my step-bro answers the cell phone.
as in, he's got the president's "pilot" in his palm!!

hmmm, maybe i could talk my way into a night in lincoln's bedroom. but only if he came along.