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Reply to "Straight To Hell (Sex Stories)"

D3.12.1-3. flesh

We were locked in an underground cavern.

There was some sort of starlet leading our decent. She had long brown hair. Straight, silky, thick, red highlights and parted in the middle, it was very seventies -- it was very seductive. She would stop sometimes and turn to see if we were still following her. Then she'd giggle.

I'd have been scared I think if I'd been alone. But, although I could see no one else, I felt the presence of others. It was like that 'watching' you feeling you experience in a dream.

Even though I kept slipping on the rocks crumbling beneath my feet, she tread with ease. She would turn back and encourage me to continue on with a smile. This was exciting her. In the dark murk, she glowed, long eyelashes, imp smile and the soft serene shine from her legs, everything glowed. This was her destination.

She didn't really speak it -- she just pointed to the other side. She motioned that we had to cross the water; but, when she looked at me, I knew this was the place we had traveled to come.

It smelled like her, not pretty or sweet; but spicy and exciting.

She went in first. I watched the water slowly devouring her legs, sucking them up gently. To her knees, to her thighs, so white was her skin against the opaque dark of the water. She stopped, then.

The water just lapping at where she herself grew dark. She smiled and took off the long white shirt she had been wearing. The water glistening in her pubic hair. Her eyes closed.

She disappeared, letting the water swallow her up completely. Then a few moments later, her head came back up.

She summoned me. I took off my jacket and realized I had no shirt. She must have been wearing mine. I also

realized I was alone with her and she was hungry. I felt her needing: I felt her wanting. It was echoing in here, coming at me from all sides of the cavern.

I felt my penis begin to rise. It throbbed inside my trousers, it began to burn as it rubbed against the thick wool. It was in control. It wanted to feed her. I tossed my pants aside.

Her eyes followed them momentarily as they disappeared into nowhere and then she returned her gaze to me. She looked at my feet. Then slowly she brought her gaze up, pausing only for a moment when her eyes touched where I was swelling. She parted her lips and I could see the saliva inside her mouth come alive.

I went forward into the water. I went to her. I was blind. The murk of the water was thick and warm and before I could see again I was there. I was touching something soft. I could make out the white of her shoulder as she led me to the far cavern wall. Then I had her, against the wall. She laughed at me as if she had read my thoughts. She thrust her tongue into my mouth. Her hands were digging at my shoulder blades as she gripped my tongue with her teeth and sucked it into her mouth holding it, pulling it, until I could taste my own blood.

I could not hold back, you see, I felt pain. The cool of the water dissipated into fire as I drove myself into her.

The heat. Aghh, the heat. I was inside and she wrapped her legs around my ass and clenched tighter with each thrust. The strength of her gripping made me go faster. I heard her gasping. I wanted to hear more. I wanted to feel more. I could taste the blood in my mouth and her flesh contracting around me.

She was a bitch to me now, and I thrust harder. She gasped louder. There was only this for I don't recall how long. Then I saw her gleaming teeth, as she came. She gurgled. Into the bitch, I thrust again and again. She shrieked and pulled away, I grabbed her and then I came.

My body went weak against her. It was only then that I felt the magnitude of her strength.

She sank her teeth into my neck.

I was frozen. I was swimming. Floating there in the red, pulsing darkness that was my heart in time with death.

I lost consciousness then of this odd place I had been. I was in heaven. I was in hell.

I was hers.
I heard her laugh in ecstasy...

Echoing ...

Echoing ...

As I went down with her into the water, forever.

Take a breather. Have a coke ... and a smile.

Isn't it amazing what a little Anne Rice can do to someone on a rainy day?

Oh how I truly yearn for such mastery of words and emotions as to send minds reeling into forbidden and forgotten places... to have the ability to rip someone right out of their life, unbridled by thoughts of self... to provide just the right inspiration nestled into tantalizing imagery as to set minds ablaze... adventure, allure, lust, new realms, new states of matter... Oh how badly do I want to be a writer who can do all that - one who tears you into a thousand amazing new thought directions at once - releasing the thinker to hunt, explore and learn ... ahhh, to truly be... by Anya Hard

©2001 TonyaKnudsen's Anthology of Inspiration - Original Photograph for Flesh - Deise Barbaresco, Boston, MA - 1993