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Reply to "The Club Creatures - Zazoo & Satori"

No! A dancefloor is everybody's always!!! And I did love watching it--you two running off!! You couldn't pay people to look so jarred!!

And the faux pas is mine. The theory was to make an interactive imprmptu video. The problem (well technically there were several glitches) but the biggest being -- the music is not yet appropriate for the dance floor, perhaps even to ears. If it was, people wouldn't have been so confused. But I got through it and had to laugh myself at the mockery I made.

Regardless, no matter how I manage to put together just all of what is in me to do -- and it will include the audio aspects because the full impact of what I create is empty to me without it -- I will always want to be on the dancefloor with people.

At Jackie 60 past, Johnny pulled me up on stage inturupting the lovely House of Domination and all I felt was a great deal of tension. I do not shine in the spotlight. I'm more of an ultra violet variety. And my ability to entertain -- to really generate energy and make people feel good about themselves -- is on the floor.

But enough about all of that ... my apologies, I indeed just carried 'a one' from the single digit column of my age to the double digit column about an hour ago. And it is indeed making me reflective (and I think far too much as it is!)

----Lastly tonight at Mindless Self Indulgence I was amazed. If I ever wondered about kids still being abe to find subcuture outside of 'Hot Topic' I was witness to it tonight. Those MF'ers had sold out Irving Plaza to mostly a 21 and under, screaming at the top of their young little bi / straight / gay / gender nuetral / gender variant loungs -- "I've been denied all the best ultra sex" over and over until I thought the roof itself would burst off that building.

And I do believe each and everyone of those kids has a clue what that song is referring to. Pink everywhere, trianlges, stars I saw in t-shirts and in logos -- it's a queer new world.

And although I miss seeing that boy crawl under a table at CBGBs in sweatpants and big dirty cross dangling on his chest (and staying there for a song or two) playing to oh, 6 or 7 goth-to-alt girls that must have been his high school posse --and doubly surprised several years later to learn that Mother's own DJ St James was somehow part of the act ... what those people are up to ... inspires, amazes and thrills me. It is a great feeling to take with me as I begin my journey though the next 10 years until that digit in the tens column changes again.

Perhaps on that note, I'll go watch some porn, after all I am now old enough to be a complete pervert without need of a flushed face, so i might as well get on and get used to the perks of aging.
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