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The Downtown Costume Institute

A look at the influence of Costumery:

The Jackie Transformation

So many who passed through the gilded doorways of Mother/Jackie 60 were aspiring legends. Knowing intuitively that they were someday destined for greatness. They may have come in black simple clothing still unaware of the fashion transformation that was t o one day overtake them, but after their tenure at Jackie 60, they changed the way they saw dressing forever. So many came and had that first sparkle of glitter rain down on them, making them bright shiny and aglow with the real glamour that permeated the clubs ten year herstory.

Though plain and simple in purity at first, the layers of leather and rubber and all that is fetish soon began to make its mark on the throngs of hungry fashion lovers. There were real transformations to be seen all around the club. With the encouragement of the clubs weekly theme dress codes, people were pushed to new extremes each week to bring a new look and to be seen and appreciated by the masses.

This excercise in costumery pressed so many into service that an entire new generation of appreciative clothes lovers were born. Even now on the streets of New York City and in cities around the globe can you often see a stylish young person carrying off a look that was inspired by the themage of Jackie 60.

For those who are unaw are of the influence that Jackie 60 and the world of Downtown nightlife has had on the youth of America one need only peruse the archives of The Downtown Costume Institute created and preserved for all time right here on the Mother Web Site. So the next t ime you feel hungry for that exciting new look that you have yet to discover, I suggest you take a fashion tour of the stylish and thought-provoking world of Jackie 60 and The Downtown Costume Exhibit pages here at

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