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Reply to "The Downtown Costume Institute"

Was just about to start a topic for the new Downtown Costume Institute exhibit/benefit
coming June 30 and saw this fab post of Bobby's that had gone unanswered in Jackie legends. Thought it could have a new life as a start to a DCI topic. Thanks bobby...

The show is Saturday night June 30 at CBGB's Gallery and it's a new full exhibit
We'll be showing some rare nuggets indeed that we've never shown before, including Thierry Mugler's costumes for Joey Arias and Klaus Nomi when they appeared with David Bowie on SNL, the famous Larry Shox skyline suit, the infamous Evita and Valentine's gowns by Mr. David for Miss Glamamore/ Boybar and Ruben and Isobel Toldedo's "devil in the blue dress", circa '86.

This is a real, honest-to-goodness benefit for DCI - Johnny and I have been paying the storage out of pocket since February, and we really need to get this stuff photographed, catalogued and online this summer. CBGB's
is being wonderful and donating the space on a Saturday night.

Here is some of the help we need and anyone who can donate their services that weekend, especially in the afternoon or evening of the 30th is going to have a special place in our hearts: Setup hands especially from noon to 7 PM at the venue, display queens especially mannequin dressers, a steamer, a van or small truck for moving mannequins, security, cashier, stage manager.

Also, if you can help us promote this event, mail cards to a list that would be relevant, put a banner and link for the event on your site, etc., that would also be a big help. We are trying to get to the next level with the collection, and every letter I get like the one from friends of Dorian Corey or Madame (both of whose amazing costume collections pretty much disappeared in rummage sales and by thievery) I know we simply HAVE to do this work.

If you can help us, please email me at the address in my profile or call the office at 212 929-6060 and leave a message with a good time to call you back.

Past DCI info is at

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