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The Future of the Motherboards, as we Turn 9

Dearest Mboards community

On April Fools (Thursday April 1, 2010) we turn NINE years old! As birthdays are a time of reflection, we've been thinking of ways to make the user experience even richer, and perhaps, should the community choose, add some social features as well.

The Motherboards has always thrived on being apart from whatever the dominant social networking platforms were, from Friendster through MySpace. The past two years have seen the explosive growth of both Facebook and Twitter for many of our users. We hypothesize that you would enjoy tools to integrate your Motherboards posts with your existing Facebook or Twitter accounts, but that might not be true.

Many of the best solutions to achieve this would involve freezing the eight years of posts stored here and asking everyone to re-register on a new version of the Mboards. I am not sure this is wise as some of our forums (like the Club Chronicles, NYC Girls, Endless Night and best of) have become a kind of wiki for night culture, and this would stop new entries on those topics altogether.

On the positive side of a full restart would be more features found on other social network sites, including free photo and video uploads. So, it is a hard decision to make.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this, either way. And any change coming would be during our usual summer upgrade period in July, so it is a ways off.

In closing, thanks for your tremendous support of this crazy little bit of cyberspace for all these years. And Happy B-day!
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