Reply to "The latest on Cabaret Law Repeal"

More good news - undoubtedly recession-driven..

From The Villager


The Ninth Precinct, which covers the bar-saturated East Village between 14th and Houston Sts., this week lost its cabaret enforcement unit, which has been folded into the regular patrol strength after the precinct received an additional sergeant and 14 additional officers.

The additional personnel will give the precinct commander the flexibility to assign more than the old cabaret unit of one sergeant and three officers to cabaret enforcement, depending on conditions on any given night, said Paul J. Browne, deputy commissioner of public information, in an e-mail reply to an inquiry from The Villager.

Susan Stetzer, district manager of Community Board 3, which includes the Ninth Precinct, was uneasy about the change.

C.B. 3 has more bar complaints than any other board in the city, she said, “way over 1,000 bar complaints to 311 for the fiscal year, which isn’t even over yet.” The board district also includes the Seventh Precinct, which has a cabaret enforcement unit, and part of the Fifth Precinct, which has no cabaret unit.

Stetzer noted that the old Ninth Precinct cabaret unit had special hours.

“If they work 24/7 they could lose their expertise,” she said, referring to the officers who replace the former unit.