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Reply to "The Pyramid Club Part 2 (aka I'm from normal parents)"

Hi Daddy, Chi-Chi, Hatches, Joshua, Dana, et al

Daddy, I suppose you are sheparding the continued thread onto / into this new interweb place (yes, sheparding is what we are calling it these days.) Or ws I supposed to post over there. I'm comfused and Rodgigo isn't here to "splain me" And yes, we are still calling it "splain me" ever since our days at Desilu right Loretta Hattie.

Chi, sorry that I haven't kept up on the technology - you rule though. J'adore the boards.

Hatches, you top, you. I think tht the wig was made into a mop. Or the wig was made from a mop?

Joshua, Just because you were always so nice to me and everyone else for that matter, I won't turn all cynical, and sarcastic, middle-aged bitter fag (Hi, Tabboo) and deny that that was me. It very well could have been, so I am happy to be that person by proxy in your memory or to have been the actual person. It's like the Roswell or McGruder file (or whatever that JFK conspiracy thingy is called) of huggy moments at the Pyramid. All I know is that I hope I wasn't wearing an actual "Huggie."

That reminds me, Elaine said that she saw this young guy walking down Avenue A in broad daylight in a bicycle shirt and diaper. Hattie, is that someone that we would know (or has interned for you)?

xxoo Hapi
(Capital X for Joshua)
Where's the spell check Button?
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