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Reply to "The Pyramid Club Part 2 (aka I'm from normal parents)"

The girl who danced with herself was named Rachel. I think joey one time made her a statuette-style drapery and got her to go-go dance. Or do I have manufactured-memory-syndrome, Hattie?

I remember the Burroughs-look-a-like - he must be 100 by now. He coould dance. I liked when he would dance with Rachel.

Joshua - were you there when that woman - an older woman used to draw people's portraits? - this was way before Baby Gregor was doing it. She had super red hair, I think.

Non-Pyramid characters of that era.
Remember the tall woman who used to walk really fast in the street and was totally covered from head to toe in scarves?
Then there is the classic, the guy with the paperbag hat that lived behind the trash cans on the corner of 9thor 10th street. John Kelly dressed up like him for one of his shows. It brought the house down.

Then there was the lady who painted those nun paintings on scraps of canvas. I have a number of those paintings, of course . . . not to mention the Baby Gregor collection as well.

does anyone still ahve one of my smiley face on vellum paintings from the 99-Cent painting show that I had at Boy bar. Someone once told me that that was mentioned in The Secret Language of the Cranes however, I do not know that that is true as I do not read gay novels since I am a heterosexual woman.

How about Ida, the gum-smacking, cat-eyed glasses waitress at THE REAL ODESSA (RIP). She worked during the day at the DMV. She was a godess.

The super-fruitty flirty doble-entrendre spouting blonde polish waiter at the Real Odessa (RIP) who ended up in Honcho magazine or something.

Of course there was Al who would water down the rot gut. Frank the custodian who DIED in the Pyramid - talk about getting locked in the Pyramid!

Oh Beatriz, Olympia's friend who read Tarot cards, what ever happened to ehr. didn't she smoke like 5 packs of cigarettes a day or something weird like that?

There used to be this guy that woudl come by when his lover was out of town and flash me when I was on stage. I would go home with him and we'd have a dysfunctional fuckfest for three days at a time . . . or something vaugely similar to that . . . he was a paige at the David Letterman Show or something like that.

Then Hattie there was Ra_ph _ox - what was that story?

Oh somewhere someone was taslkign aobut that show where Philly projectile vomitted after Hattie tied her up after she passed out . . . the name of that show was "Attack of the Spider Women from the Planet Crab Nebula." Sometiems I have a memory like a steel trap - but usually only when it will embarrass or humiliate someone else.

xxooo for now, the Hapinator