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Reply to "The Pyramid Club Part 2 (aka I'm from normal parents)"

You are killing me with your memory!
I can help with a couple "where are they nows".

1) Beatriz moved back to Mexico and has grandchildren (maybe GREAT grandchildren).
She always writes to The Empresss and I on our birthdays. She's good.

2) And Frank, if he is the one that I'm thinking of...
Lady Bunny made a plaster cast of his enormous member (probably after he died) and has it (let's just say) safely tucked away.
In fact, she may have been the one that killed him.

3) Baby Gregor is gone but his paintings live on. I heard that one recently sold at Sotheby's for one million dollars. Of course it was Messy Bonnie who told me that. She has quite a few and is trying to unload them.