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Reply to "The Pyramid Club Part 2 (aka I'm from normal parents)"

Hi Dana

That was fun(ny) to get the tech-take on my stage fortitutude and tenacity (two-hour shows). That stage was a battle ground in some ways, all those drag bitches and their air-kisses . . . with their shiny-sharp knives tucked up their chiffon sleeves (Hi Bunny!) . . . to have that mike and keep going & going was territorial in a way . . . sort of like a Chihuahua peeing in the house to mark its territory. Like a Chihuahua really gets any territory . . . but they are so cute, ¬°Ay, carumba!

One of my earliest memories of you Dana (or is that: one of the memories that manages to stand out of the greyed-out drug blur-mess?) is Ethyl Eighelberger and Agosto Machado whispering to me as you passed, "He's a Golden Gloves, you know."

Being a big sissy, I had no idea what the hell that was . . . also being a naive little fag who didn't know half of the things that I should have known . . . I imagined it meant something perverted. "Drag-Libs:" Golden . . . means _____ Gloves . . . means ______

However; Agosto, who is a big sports fan and whom I still see,* regularly (I digress, but . . . he just starred in Tabboo!'s play at the Gene Frankel Theater {that place is a time-warp . . . I'm ticking off the days until NYU flattens that and builds a dorm there . . . . but I digress on a digression} Anyway, they were VERY proud of you for that . . . Ethyl was big on having something else going on in one's life besides the "smell of the crowds and the roar of the grease-paint." Ethyl always told me that she was proudest of her Beauty School Diploma more than any stage accolade she had earned.

Of course, Tabby and I could only imagine you all bloody and sweaty in your silk boxing shorts pummeling one of us . . . oh, dear. But that was Zen and this is Tao. The beauty of the Pyramid was that a couple of high-fems like Tabboo! and me and a bunch of butch tech-guys (ignoring David Crocker's smudged eye-shadow) could all come together over a nice big fat "doobie."

Funny thing is, getting back to the start of this half-hour mike-grab of a rambling post is, that I always thought that that was Sister Dimenension that was pulling the plug on the mike and the lights. And to David Ratt, wherever you are, it was pure synchronisity that you and I both picked Pink Floyyd Dark Side of the Moon to lipsynch on the same night . . . just one of those weird things liek two rich ladies both showing up at the gala with the same one-of-a-kind designer gowns . . . nevertheless, I seem to remember that your lipsnych was way better than mine.

xx oox to all, The Hapster (will be making a cameo appearance ath the "Ibsen in the 21st Century" Seminar at BAM on Sat, Oct 28; 3pm in an excerpt from "Hedda Gabler, Hedda Gabler" with DanceNoise {special guest star Gina}, but I digress yet again)

* Footnote to Miss Demeanor, No, "see" means "run into on the street" or "go out to dinner with" not "bag in bed" nor "slip a rod to" nor "kie-kie"