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Reply to "The Pyramid Club Part 2 (aka I'm from normal parents)"

First of all Happs...
I'm sure Debbie LOVED Mr. Butz.
She has a big "brown streak" as we all know. *

And as I recall, you and Debbie worked together in another Jackie Christmas show. You were the "Signing Nun" to Debbie's priest. She sang "Maria" as a man and you signed the words.**


* Debbie accepting her "Francine 59 Award For Lifetime Achievment" at Jackie 60:
"This award means more to me than a good bowel movement".

** Some of you may not know this but besides being the formost Herman Melville scholar in the world, Hapi Phace is also a poet-master of sign language. (Having to learn to sign after getting hit in the head with a hook by Johnny Dynell after refusing to leave the stage. Hapi is "def" -as the kids say).

*** I would like to thank Herman Melvillle scholar Hapi Phace for introduciing the colored footnote to the Motherboards. As Francine 59 would say, "You were the first Hon".

And we thank you.