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Reply to "The Pyramid Club Part 2 (aka I'm from normal parents)"

Originally posted by daddy:
I stand corrected Hap, it is a colored parenthetical statement even though it did indeed fall within a colored footnote.
But what about my Melville quote?
Is it correct?

Daddy - my apologies for losing sight of your Melville scholarship in lieu of my petty quibbling over parenthisis versus footnotage.* Yes you are correct indeed, it is from chapter 82,

Daddy, I can see it now, picture it . . . a remake of What Ever Happened to Baby Hapi?. With you and the Empress as the parents and Hattie and I as little Joan Crawford and Bette Davis . . . but instead of a Vaudville circuit they live off of Baby Hapi's erudite Melville scholarship . . . "I don't want to present my paper on the meaning of the white whale. I want an ice cream!"

* That reminds me. What ever happend to Hattie's footman, Gnome? (Parenthetically speaking . . . a whole 'nother movie remake.)

xxoo Haps
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