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Reply to "The Real Mrs. Plop"

Mrs. Plop,
Don't go gently into the good night (or whatever it was). Fight! Don't give up on your hair! Lauren (Hutton) is a friend of mine. I'll find out who does her hair (but she probably does it herself knowing her) Stay young, it's a choice. (Although it does take up a lot less of your day when you are young).

and NAMBLA...
too wierd!
That was the only time in the decade we did Jackie 60 that we had to "retract" a theme. We (naively) started doing NAMBLA as a theme party. "Man/Boy love" sounded perfect for a "Boys Night". It wasn't untill Hattie got all this literature from them and I started to do the research that I discovered that they were not talking about 17 or 18 year old boys...
They would go to swimming pools and take pictures of little boys playing (with their swimming trunks falling down etc.) SICK!
At the last minute we changed it to "Puppet Love" and Basil Twist saved the day. It was a Man/Puppet Love thing with crafty old Gipetto and Pinnochio, that sort of thing. I'm sure Hattie probably knew what NAMBLA was but Chi Chi, Kitty and I had no idea how young "boy" meant.
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