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Reply to "Trip & Go NAked Otter Benefit!"

For all of you who have enjoyed the NYC underground...
Please consider a founding member - Otter.
Without her I would never have had the gateway open
enough for my knife piece etc....
She carved a unique path of erotic
performance art that makes me look like
a cream puff. To this day I still honor
the freedoms her previous performance
pieces allow me in this ever increasingly
conservative town.

I believe we all owe alot of the freedoms
we have left as performers downtown to her.

Please join us this Sunday to honor
and benefit her.

She was in a horrific car accident last March.
It took 5 operations to put her guts back in place
after being disemboweled. She lost a dear friend
that night and her husbands leg was shattered.
Needless to say the medical costs in this country
are beyond obscene. So this benefit is to restore
this diva's strength. She will be coming all the way
from New Orleans. Let's show some LOVE!!!

For more info go here -