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Reply to "Trip & Go NAked Otter Benefit!"

What an incredible night!!!!!
Otter looked great, so happy.
I loved when she said, "Tonight I have the chance to be at my own second line".
It was true.

I haven't seen a crowd like that since the height of Click & Drag.
Gorgeous girls, Gorgeous boys, and even naked old geezers playing with themselves.
At one point I was watching Velocity perform. The crowd was all jammed together like sardines watching her. Something kept poking me on my shoulder. I looked over and there was an (at least) 80 year old man standing naked on a chair with his... pickle staring me straight in the eye.
I jumped back in horror knocking over (at least) 4 people.
It was a good night.

The shows were stunning.
Poison Eve took it to a whole new level. I didn't think that was possible but he did. Eve is a amazing performer and now let's just say I understand why his marriage works.

Narcissister blew everyone away. We have worked with her before but this crowd had largely never seen her before and as I said were blown away!

I can't go into all the shows but you know they were all great.

And finally...
DJs Kelly Webb and Johnanna Constantine!
What happened?
When did these two bitches get to be so good?
I was shocked.
They are both world class DJs (and both total babes!)
Watch out Pickles, they are right on our asses.

It was nice to see seven out and about.
FINALLY! A party for him with lots of pretty girls in tight black corsets!

This party really got me yearning for Click & Drag.
(Not that they ever let me in to Click & Drag but from what I could see with my face up against the little window in the back door -before Hattie shoo'ed me away with a broom looked great).