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Reply to "Upstairs at Studio 54 Saturdays"

John writes
Ted & Di -- I'd love for you to scare the crap out of my guests, and I�ll comp you to do it, but put up or shut up. Meaning, email me, I'll leave you a comp at the door, but you'd better wear some outrageous shit or everyone on this board will find out from ME that you're all talk and no play.

I am sure that your party is an interesting one. The question for myself and I believe, my fellow MBers is this an event that WE will find interesting. We are all used to, in some degree or another a certain level of quality. I define quality as:

Fashion/Costumery- not the type that you might find this month in Elle vogue or their assorted clones but the fashion that hasn't been invented yet. During my time at Mother, (I use this as an example because I did not have the pleasure of attending S. 54 in it's heyday) I was witness and in some small way party to an ever changing creative blitz of the senses. The creativity that was channeled through the space by all of the participants guests and acts in the ever-changing spectacle of fashion genesis that was Mother.

The Crowd- I have become spoiled and that has perhaps caused me to become more brattish as the time goes by. I prefer, no, NEED there to be an equally interesting crowd. The crowd must satisfy this basic test, Approachability. Armed with my witty repartee I approach someone in the crowd flinging forth such never before uttered ice breakers as......

Hi I am Ted this is Diane
Is this the line for the Bathroom
Nice ______ did you make that

if the crowd can at all be considered decent in my eyes the response must be more than a grunt. Even a well placed epithet is considered OK. As long as it is creative.

On to my next point. I have been to many parties where I was the entertainment. Not paid entertainment but the entertainment nonetheless. This is the kind of party whereby my friends and I might be sitting at a table dressed (in my opinion) relatively tame (or not) and invariably someone who is either: the guest of the guest of the promoter, sub-promoter, sub-fill-in-DJ's boy/girlfriend, bartender/barback coatcheck boy/girl. Decides to approach me/us their comments range from the absurd to the inane to the plain frightening. A friend once had one of these very people lock himself in a bathroom with her in an attempt to flatter her with his charm.

Now, having been such entertainment, I prefer to know, KNOW with utter confidence that the club/party space is safe. Not safe from snipes of the verbal variety but safe from harm and harassment.

The price of admission.- the all important LIST I do prefer to be on the list. I consider it a great compliment. I like to feel that someone appreciates the fact that I am there. That being said my first stop after the coat check is to find the promoter who put me on the list and thank them for that courtesy. I then invariably offer to buy that person a drink. If it is their club I try to buy others a drink through the night or help out in other ways. I enjoy helping in my own small way to achieving a better party.

Another point:
Many of the readership here are sometimes between jobs or just in a low spot. At these times it is imperative that they be granted access to their social support group. Now, this group is often inside the club. That $20 is often the entire budget for entertainment for the night/weekend/week. I am not begrudging any promoter his/her due It is a tough job and an even tougher living. All promoters should make a buck. For more on that topic see other threads on the boards. Just keep in mind the above.

"you'd better wear some outrageous shit or everyone on this board will find out from ME"

From that statement I know that we haven't met or that you haven�t seen me at any number of other wonderful events listed on these boards by equally hard working promoters.

"you're all talk and no play"



ps leave my comp at the door I will be there one of these nights. Ted n Di - that's 2 and I'll buy you a drink when I see you.