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Reply to "Upstairs at Studio 54 Saturdays"

ah, its so much nicer to come home after a long night of partying and promoting to see (mostly) kind words on this board. After all, it is officially 3:27 a.m. on Valentine's day, and I am alone with only Edith & Archie Bunker to entertain me. One of my guilty pleasures, especially with the whacked sleeping patterns I have, is Nick @ Nite.

Just thought y'all should know that. I digress...

Pat (curious to see this Jessica Rabbit friend of yours), Sheril V., Nancy I (quite a hike from Newton Mass, eh?), Messy Bonnie (lets give 'em something to talk about baaaaaby), Ted 'n Di -- you all will be comped for Studio on Saturday, as promised by moi. Just send me a quick email por favor at so I know to take you seriously, and I'll take care of the comps I promised.

Ted n Di, let me buy YOU -- both smile -- a drink for such a thoughtful email.

There are, in fact, some people who *I'd* say are cutting-edge fashion there in a non-Elle mag way, but maybe our tastes are different. Its an attractive crowd, an interesting mix....perhaps not *as* mixed as the free Spa party that Premier List is promoting tonight (shameless plug, sorry) but good nonetheless. People tend to be friendly and approachable, and I can absolutely assure you that you'll be free of harassment.

The money issue....I understand completely where you're coming form on that. I think in those terms as well, and I think MB users are more $$$ savy than many on my crowd.

Comparatively, 54 is reasonable. Studio is $15 on my list (not $20), plus I offer to comp anyone that brings at least 3 people with them. So figure a group of 4 is spending $11 each. Plus, we have an open bar from can make back your $11 right there in rapid fashion.

OK girls, time to sleep. Get back to me MBers, and look forward to a wild night with you on Saturday.